Do You Have Anxiety?

Anxiety – I don’t feel anxious!

Anxiety comes in many forms, and sometimes it’s not always immediately obvious that you are feeling anxious. Have you ever just not wanted to do something?

When you are asked why you don’t want to do that thing there is no real reason why, you just don’t want to! And you have to make up some seemingly pathetic excuse to justify your actions.

An anxious mind is the culprit

Your subconscious mind is the culprit here. It is very good at making snap decisions for you about what it thinks is good or bad for you, and then making you act on those decisions before you have even had time to think about it. You just know it’s the right thing to do or say to avoid that thing you’ve been asked to do.

Anxiety avoidance techniques

Later as you think about that decision it becomes clear that you are actually avoiding a situation that makes you feel anxious. And your subconcious mind will keep on doing that for as long as it thinks that you are in some form of danger. The problem is the more it does it the more your subconscious mind will think it’s the right thing to do.

Staying in your comfort zone and out of anxious feelings

Not only that your mind will also begin to trigger avoidance responses for less and less threatening situations. So your “comfort zone” gets smaller and smaller and your anxiety increases and spreads out into other areas of your life.

Anxiety starts small and grows

If this is something you can relate to even in some small way, it can be the beginning of anxious feelings leading to increasing anxiety in every day life.

Anxiety can even lead to you feeling stressed, unwell and having panic attacks if not addressed.

Stop it in it’s tracks before it gets a hold.

With your peace of mind in mind…


Help for anxiety

I offer free consultations to see if I can help you to conquer your anxiety, no matter whether it out of control or just a feeling you have that something needs to be done before it gets out of hand.

You can contact me by email via this link or by calling me on 07810 877158 for a no obligation chat.

Based in the beautiful market town of Petersfield in Hampshire, my practice covers Petersfield, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Midhurst, Chichester, Liphook, Clanfield, Waterlooville, Horndean, Liss, Alton, Havant, Rowlands Castle and surrounding areas. I also offer sessions via Skype if you are unable to travel to my Petersfield offices.


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