About Graham

I’m really glad you’re here…

I’m a mind coach, hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner who specialises in helping people with anxiety. I’m also a lover of tea, coffee, motor racing, traveling, and reading good books.

I had Anxiety too…

For most of my adult life I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. Although many people who know me would be surprised to hear that. I hid it well behind a mask of arrogance and a quick temper.

On the surface I coped, but underneath and in the privacy of my mind I had low self esteem and raging anxiety. I didn’t even like myself, so how could others? I tried many things to help, but they were all just coping mechanisms – no matter what I did those feelings of anxiety, self loathing and doubt were still there.

I found a way out of Anxiety…

And then I discovered that I had been looking at all my problems in the wrong way. I came across an understanding of how my mind really works, how I caused myself to feel anxious. Once I understood that everything began to change for the better.

My passion is to help people find the way out too…

I now coach and mentor people to help them discover this understanding for themselves.

This way of being is just so simple and easy to put in to practice.

The changes are quick and permanent, and once you discover how to do this for yourself you won’t ever want to return to your old ways of thinking.

I am living proof that you can make a full recovery and live a normal life once again.

With your peace of mind in mind…

Graham Parish